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Hong Kong Summer Camps, HK Summer Programmes – SuperTeens Camp

Looking for the best Hong Kong Summer Camps, HK Summer Programmes for your kids/children in Hong Kong during summer holidays?  These holidays why not encourage your children to try something different, new and exciting – we provide excellent learning from highly skilled course providers who ensure your kids are learning while having fun during the summer holiday.  SuperTeens Camp in Hong Kong, organised by Learning Mastery and intensive training personally by Dr Ernest Wong and his dynamic team.  All children are special, each child is born with some talents and some weaknesses, by discovering their talents recognize, encourage and developing them, overcome their weakness that helps to bring out the best in your child and teen.


How our Hong Kong Summer Camps, HK Summer Programmes helps to bring out the best in your children?
SuperTeens Camp is a fast-moving, high-energy program that is jam-packed with excitement and challenges that promotes Growth and draws out their Personal Excellence.  SuperTeens Camp is residential 5 days 4 nights accelerated learning, innovative and development camp that teaches life skills that help students create their own path to success. Also, this program is only for teens who are committed to achieve all the A’s in their exams and parents who are committed in helping their teens.


Who should attend the Hong Kong Summer Camps, HK Summer Programmes for Kids/Children in Hong Kong?

SuperTeens Camp is only open for Teens who age between 12 ~ 19.


SuperTeens Camp is focusing on these 3 core areas:

[tabs slidertype="left tabs" fx="slide" auto="yes"] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Academic Skills[/tabtext] [tabtext]Personal Skills[/tabtext] [tabtext]Social Skills[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]Super-Memory – Especially enhance, the ability to learn vocabulary and thus help in the studying of any subject

Accelerated Reading – Teens will be able to read at least 4 times their current average reading speed

Peak Studying Performance (PSP) – Learn how to handle any studying mood and instantly turn them into the most positive and resourceful state for optimum concentration and absorption of material

Super-TeensTM Holistic Studying Method – This method has helped thousands of students to become active learners almost immediately with astonishing results

Successful Exam Skills – With these proven strategies, they will eliminate fear, anxiety and lack of confidence about exams[/tab] [tab]Goal-Setting – To discover their directions and purpose in life and realistic goals with step-by-step strategies to achieve them

Self-Esteem and Self-Worth – They will be constantly nurtured, developed and expanded by our faculty of superb, caring trainers and resource

Positive Inner Motivation – They will learn to live each moment of the day fully by breaking through limiting self-images and negative attitudes

Courage and Self-Confidence – They’ll learn how to break moods & habits that are hurting them. With new increased confidence, their results will also be improved.

Time Management – Teens will be taught proper planning of their time; When to play, when to enjoy, when to study and even how much time to sleep

Stress Control – They will gain specific strategies to handle the stress of conflict, anger and difficult situation

Problem Solving & Decision Making Techniques – Six powerful step-by-step techniques that will enable the student to analyse the situation, identify the problem, evolve solutions creatively[/box] [/tab] [tab]Family Relationships – Teens will understand and realise the importance of having family.

Developing Leadership Skills – Understanding the various styles of leadership and its influence in different situations.

How to influence People and Win Friends – Teens will learn how to build rapport, high self-esteem and present themselves in a more powerful image as a leader that will inspire others.

People and Communication Skills – They will gain valuable ideas and experience on how to assert themselves, express themselves, listen to others, win their co-operation and learn to establish mutually enriching friendships.[/box] [/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

Meet the Trainers:

Founder / Lead Trainer

Dr. Ernest Wong is the Founder, Principal Consultant and Master Trainer of Learning Mastery Pte. Ltd. He has dedicated his life to teaching his students to learning what really matters at various stages in their lives.

He holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology and a Master in Human Resource Development. He is also a Certified Trainer in Accelerated Learning from USA and a certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from Canada.

Being a pioneer and authority in Accelerated Learning, he has been using his expertise, experience and knowledge to help teenagers and kids to achieve Peak Performance and success in studies and their lives, SINCE 1985! In addition, he has also coached many adult professionals in life planning and money management. Many of his students are now professionals, managers, successful business people and entrepreneurs.

Bring Out The Best In Your Child – Singapore Children’s Enrichment Programs


Why SuperTeen Camp is the best Hong Kong Summer Camps, HK Summer Programmes in Hong Kong? 

Learning Mastery uses the synergistic combination of the advanced Whole Brain Teaching, Accelerated Learning Methods, Experiential Learning and the highly effectiveNLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming from USA. Each student is treated as a gifted teenager.

The teenager will be learning in a stimulating, suggestive and stress-free environment, given individual attention and be driven by a positive attitude from within. He will as a result experience fast learning, greater ease in absorption and longer retention, often 3 to 10 times greater than if traditional teaching methods were used.

SuperTeens incorporates the advanced teaching concepts of world-renowned experts including ERIC JENSEN, TONY BUZAN, ROBERT DILTS, MICHAEL GELB, JACK CANFIELD and DR. GEORGE LOZANOV. Through simplified explanations and illustrations on how the brain works, students begin to discover many important facts and learn how to maximise their performance.


Enroll Now

Start them young by enrolling them into the coming June and December SuperTeen Camp! This five-day school holiday camp will give spiritual guidance and motivate youths to focus on their studies, build up their confidence and help them improve their social skills. Your children will enjoy this camp, filled with games, challenges and activities.  For more info, please email to: admin@gogoadv.com or fill up the form below:


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